Ed Balls welcomes Tory Deputy Group leader in Sandwell’s defection to Labour over BSF cuts

I spoke to Elaine Costigan last night and I’m delighted she’s leaving the Tories and joining the Labour Party.

Councillor Costigan knows that the only way she can properly stand up for her constituents – who have seen their much needed new school taken away by Michael Gove – is by coming over to Labour. We agreed that it was right to put the interests of children first and I said I thought she would win a lot of support for her bravery and determination.

I know from my own visit to the borough that there is anger in Sandwell, as there is around the country, about the tragic cuts to Labour’s school building programme.

As I have been saying for the last few weeks, these are unfair and unnecessary cuts which will condemn children to learn in second-class facilities and cost many thousands of jobs in the private sector just when we should be supporting the construction industry and getting the economy going again.

Michael Gove’s botched cancellation of hundreds of new school buildings, while pursuing an ideological free market in education, has not only damaged his own reputation and his party’s standing in the polls but is now costing the Tories their own councillors.

Over the coming months we will need to continue exposing, as I have done over the last few months, the unfair and reckless policies of the Tory-Lib Dem government on schools, the economy and our public services and win people over to Labour.

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Posted September 4th, 2010 by Ed


One Response to “Ed Balls welcomes Tory Deputy Group leader in Sandwell’s defection to Labour over BSF cuts”

  1. Rob Atkins says:

    It’s all right Mr Balls. I’ll pay for the schools. I just need to go and check that I’ve got enough money in the bank to pay for them ….

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