Ed’s final email to all Labour Party members

Dear friend,

Throughout this campaign I’ve sought to show how Labour’s next leader needs to stand up and fight back against the heartless and wrong-headed policies of the Tory-Lib Dem government.

But I’ve also gone further than any other candidate in setting out a radical and credible Labour alternative on the economy and public services.

I’m sure you’ll have seen the campaigns I’ve been running against Michael Gove’s cuts to schools buildings, the unfair VAT rise and plans to break up the Royal Mail.

But before you vote I also wanted to make sure you’d seen the ideas and practical policies I’ve set out in the last few days on the economy, housing and jobs – because our next leader must win the argument on the economy and public services if we are to regain the trust of the electorate and win again.

  • And yesterday I called for a new ‘right to a job’ matched with a responsibility to take it up, by creating 200,000 jobs and work placements to stop anyone becoming long term unemployed and being abandoned to a life on the dole.
  • These announcements are underpinned by my speech at Bloomberg last week which exposed the fundamental economic flaws in David Cameron and George Osborne’s plans and set out a credible and radical Labour alternative. Ken Livingstone described it as the most significant speech by a Labour politician since the election and it has been praised by top economists like David Blanchflower and the respected Financial Times commentator Martin Wolf.

I have shown that there is an alternative – an alternative to the government’s reckless policies on the economy and public services and an alternative candidate in this election. That’s why in the last few weeks more MPs and members are changing their mind and deciding to give me their first preference.

I hope you’ll agree that the plans I’ve set out, and the campaign I’ve run, show why I would be the best leader of the Labour Party – because we need someone who will be both a tough leader of the Opposition and a credible Prime Minister.

I’ve gone beyond talk of values – values that are shared by all the candidates – to offer something more concrete.

And it’s why I’m asking you to vote for my plans for housing, jobs and the economy by giving me your first preference in this election.

Together let’s rebuild our party, shorten the life of this coalition and win again for the millions of people who depend on Labour to be back in government and on their side.

Best wishes,

Ed Balls signature
Ed Balls

P.S. You may want also be interested in reading my interview yesterday with LabourList or, before you cast your vote, hear for yourself why I am changing people’s minds by going to one of my remaining events across the country.

And if you’re already supporting me please sign-up to help in the final phase of my campaign.

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Posted September 4th, 2010 by Ed's team

One Response to “Ed’s final email to all Labour Party members”

  1. william says:

    Since 1997, we have lost 3.2 million working class votes.Now we are told ‘our next leader must win the argument on the economy and public services if we are to regain the trust of the electorate….’The fact is the the last labour government increased inequality, and presided over a debt fuelled housing boom which made housing unaffordable. Who will the electorate most closely associate that with, next time round,assuming GB has left the Commons?

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