Coalition is steering economy into more dangerous waters, Ed Balls warns Nick Clegg

Responding to Nick Clegg’s speech today and BBC commissioned research on the impact of cuts on the regions of England, Ed Balls said:

“While Nick Clegg now concedes that the recovery will be choppy, he and the Chancellor are steering it into more dangerous waters.

“At a time when our economy is still fragile, and there are growing fears about the US and other economies around the world, it is a short-sighted and catastrophic mistake to make deep and immediate cuts to jobs programmes, support for industry and vital public services.

“The coalition seems to be harking back to the 1980s when whole communities and industries – not only in the north of England and the Midlands, but Scotland and Wales too – were destroyed by an ideology which believed unemployment was a price worth paying and that government should get out of the way and let people fend for themselves.

“Labour must have strong leadership to challenge the flawed consensus about cuts and say loud and clear that there is an economically credible alternative.

“Our priority right now should be to get the economy moving by boosting jobs and growth, building more affordable homes and reducing the deficit over a steadier period of time. Having more people in work paying taxes not only means we can protect our vital public services but will ultimately be better for the public finances too.”

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Posted September 9th, 2010 by Ed's team

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One Response to “Coalition is steering economy into more dangerous waters, Ed Balls warns Nick Clegg”

  1. Mary nash says:

    We are getting tired of high and mighty Nick Clegg repeating again and again , like a broken record that the Con Dem savage cuts is comparable to the planned Labour cuts, the Coalition Govt’s 6%per yr vs. Labour’s 5%. Enjoying his new found immense power, he is delivering televised lecture , one after another, hoping to brainwash the public into believing that there is no alternative. We need a strong Opposition Party at work ASAP , delivering as many appearances on TV/radio with the alternative message. It is only but fair that BBC News Channel/Sky News must give the only Opposition Party left equal airtime. It is scary to think what will happen to our country. Thanks Ed for your dedication and courage.

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