The TUC is right to warn of dangers of cuts – we must win the argument for an alternative

The TUC is absolutely right to warn that the coalition’s deep cuts will not only hit the poorest and most vulnerable hardest but are economically dangerous too. As the General Council statement makes clear, there is an economically credible alternative which will better support the recovery not increase the risk of a double-dip recession.

As I set out in my Bloomberg speech, if we’re to win the next election Labour must start winning the economic argument right now and be the consensus changers by making the case for a credible and radical alternative based on protecting vital services, boosting jobs and growth and steadier deficit reduction.

In his Sky News interview Danny Alexander showed that he simply doesn’t get it on the economy. He has failed to respond to my letter and set out why in the few days after the election his party went from warning of the dangers of cuts now to pushing them through with relish.

The economic evidence from the UK and around the world since the election strengthens the case for a different course of action to these savage cuts that will cost hundreds of thousands of jobs in the public and private sector and risk the recovery.

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Posted September 12th, 2010 by Ed

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6 Responses to “The TUC is right to warn of dangers of cuts – we must win the argument for an alternative”

  1. Paul Ward says:

    Dear Ed,

    Could someone please explain to me this:
    The Tories are pushing through cuts – there are numerous job cuts with more looming.
    They then say they are going to forcing people back into work instead of them having a “lifelstyle” on benefits.
    IF they force people back to work, my question is WHAT WORK – there wont be any jobs out there for them to
    be forced into.
    And a question I WANT ANSWERING FROM THEM is:
    Benefit fraud is approx 5.5Bn – whereas TAX EVASION FRAUD is approx 70Bn – why are they not going after
    tax dodgers? They also spend millions more on advertising benefit fraud but hardly anything for tax evasion.

    PLEASE PLEASE get this bunch of liars out of power. That’s why I voted LABOUR and that’s why I VOTED
    FOR YOU to become the next
    LABOUR leader

  2. Mary nash says:

    Nick Clegg promised to tackle tax avoidance during the election. It seems he has now conveniently forgotten legislating against tax avoidance since he found new buddies in the Ruling Class. Afterall, the helpless and the poor are easier scapegoats. We are in danger the Con Dem Coalition may successfully brain wash the public that these cruel cuts are unavoidable and repeating the tired mantra” we are clearing up the mess Labour left us” like a broken record.

  3. pmt008 says:

    So you are still banging on about stopping the cuts, yet you have never, that I can remember, admitted that your government (of which you were a part) overspent to get us in the current borrowing position, let alone apologised. If Labour were to actually admit to this it might give your argument credibility and if you were to then apologise for getting the country so in debt the majority of the population might actually want to listen to you again.

  4. admin says:

    The reason the public finances are as they are is because we have just been through the biggest global financial crisis since the 1930s.Deep cuts now will undermine growth and jobs, which will be worse for the deficit. As Ed makes clear in his Bloomberg speech here, “no matter how George Osborne seeks to re-write history for his political ends, it is a question of fact that we entered this financial crisis with low inflation, low interest rates, low unemployment and the lowest net debt of any large G7 country – and the second highest levels of foreign investment too.”

  5. Bev says:

    Dear Admin

    “The reason the public finances are as they are is because we have just been through the biggest global financial crisis since the 1930s.” Can you put this quote on a t-shirt – albeit a rather large one? We have got to start standing up for our economic record and reminding people of how we got to this point otherwise we risk losing the argument before we’ve even begun – and thank goodness Ed is doing that loudly and clearly. And we’ve also got to challenge, as he did in his Bloomberg speech, the consensus that there is no alternative to the cuts. There is and we need a leader who will express this as clearly as Ed has done and who will work with the unions to ensure that the Con-Dems are fought every step of the way as they lead us, lemming-like, towards another financial crisis while claiming that ‘there is no alternative’.

  6. admin says:


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