The final push

Kirstin is one of the many volunteers helping the Ed Balls campaign

The number of times we phone someone up and they do not know all the people who are standing for the Labour leadership, or the number of people who needed the reminder to vote before they missed their chance – these are some of the people who the last few days of phone canvassing matters for, the people who, without the prompt from a campaign team, might have forgone their opportunity to have a say in who is the next leader of their party. I am pretty sure these members were not quite expecting to have a chat with Ed himself though.

Ed has been popping into the office for the last stages of our “get out the vote operation”, and has no doubt been surprising members across the country by having a chat, unfortunately Ed is our least efficient phone canvasser, since in the time he has taken to make one call, the rest of us have probably got through five. I will give him the credit however for being the most convincing about the “Ed Balls campaign message”.

We had our campaign party in a local Mexican restaurant on Sunday night, after Ed had joined in with the last few hours of phoning for the day, I do not think we could have asked for a better night – good food and fabulous company. It more than made up for the sometime monotony of phoning so much, although the meal of course did not mark the end of the campaign, there was and is still lots we can do, we will phone all the way up to five o’clock on Wednesday, even if just because we can try and get the last voters left to cast their vote online, and Ed has promised to come and help out too.

I, like many others for our and other campaigns, gave up my break between A levels and university to come and help out in the Ed Balls campaign office (not that I had anything else planned), but I wouldn’t have done it unless I believed that Ed was the best candidate, or if I was not enjoying every single moment.

I will not deny that there have been some stressful moments, but which campaign can avoid them entirely? We have spent the summer leafleting hustings, helping organise events around the country, and phoning members – fighting to win this leadership election, and we will not stop with our final push until the ballots close.

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Posted September 21st, 2010 by Kirstin

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