Early signs of impending cuts to Police Community Support Officers are very concerning, says Ed Balls

Responding to a statement today by the Lancashire Constabulary that all Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) in Lancashire have been told their jobs might be disestablished on March 31st 2011 following funding cuts announced in the Spending Review, the Shadow Home Secretary Ed Balls said:

“This is a really concerning early sign of the impact of the government’s Spending Review on policing in our country.

“The government’s plan to cut police funding by 20 per cent will be impossible to achieve without major cuts to the number of police officers and PCSOs in every part of our country. By failing to fight the corner of the police in the spending review negotiations, the Home Secretary is taking big risks with the safety of the public and our communities.

“PCSOs are valued by the public for the vital role they play in keeping our communities safe and tackling anti-social behaviour. That’s why before the election Labour pledged funding to keep both the 16,000 PCSOs we now have and the record number of police officers.”

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Posted October 22nd, 2010 by Ed's team

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One Response to “Early signs of impending cuts to Police Community Support Officers are very concerning, says Ed Balls”

  1. Mary nash says:

    The public is so lucky to have Ed Balls, always vigilant and courageous, fighting for all of us; vigilant that policing standards are maintained at least to the same standards as bequeath to the ConDems by the previous Govt. With the cruel cuts on the way, the poorest and most vulnerable will suffer the most if law and order should breakdown following the careless heartless cuts the gambler Osborne has just triumphantly announced yesterday.

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