Ed Balls warns on 8% police cuts in Olympics year

Shadow Home Secretary Ed Balls today warned that central government funding will be cut highest in the year of the Olympics with an 8 per cent reduction in funding in 2012/13.

A letter from the Home Secretary Theresa May to Ed Balls setting out further details of the Spending Review reveals that the cuts will be ‘front-loaded’ with funding reduced by 6% in 2011/12, 8% in 2012/13, 4% in 2013/14 and 4% in 2014/15.

Shadow Home Secretary Ed Balls said:

“The Spending Review was already bad news for the fight against crime with a massive 20 per cent cut in police funding.

“But now more details are emerging it’s even more concerning than we’d first thought. The Home Secretary got a terrible deal. By frontloading the bulk of the cuts next year and the year after, it will be even more difficult to minimise the impact on frontline policing through efficiency savings. That’s why KPMG and the Police Federation are predicting around 20,000 fewer police officers over the coming years.

“And cutting funding for policing twice as deeply in the year we are hosting the Olympics than the year after beggars belief.

“An 8 per cent cut in 2012 will mean fewer police officers and more over-stretched resources at a time when we are hosting thousands of extra visitors and VIPs for the most high-profile event in the world.

“With such deep cuts to law and order, the Tories and Lib Dems are taking a big risk with the public’s safety and national security.

“The Home Secretary failed to fight the corner of the police in the Spending Review. She should now make a last ditch plea to the Chancellor to stop such deep cuts in 2012 and in doing so she will have my full support.”

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Posted October 27th, 2010 by Ed's team

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