5,200 border agency staff to be axed

Ed Balls, Labour’s shadow home secretary, said in response to news that 5,200 jobs at the UK Border Agency are to be axed:

“In a week when the government has already had to retreat over its immigration cap, this revelation about massive job losses in the border agency is an embarrassment for the coalition.

“People will rightly be very concerned about the speed and scale of these job cuts. With over 5,000 jobs set to be axed there are real questions for the Home Secretary. Will the government have the resources to enforce its immigration policy? Will we have the resources we need to keep our borders secure? And will these big cuts mean people and goods entering the country legitimately facing unacceptably long delays?

“The UK Border Agency has an incredibly important job to do protecting our country from terrorism, organised crime and illegal immigration. Not only does it police our borders and count people in and out of the country, it also removes people who are in this country illegally, tackles drug trafficking and the illegal smuggling of alcohol and tobacco which costs the taxpayer and damages small businesses.

“By making job cuts on this scale, at the same time as making massive cuts to the police service, I fear the government is taking unacceptable risks with our national security and the safety of our communities.”

The job cuts figures were revealed in a parliamentary answer from the Home Secretary to Ed Balls. The UK Border Agency will see its funding cut by 20 per cent in real terms over the spending review period. It currently employs 23,652 staff, so reducing staff by 5,200 would be a 22 per cent reduction.

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Posted November 28th, 2010 by Ed's team

One Response to “5,200 border agency staff to be axed”

  1. Mary nash says:

    It is comforting to know that Ed Balls continue to watch this Coalition Govt of losers like a hawk. Thank you, Ed, for your tireless vigilance on the nation’s behalf. We appreciate it is more time consuming carrying out these work in Opposition. The Opposition Party must avoid going into hibernation. A period of policy review is a good idea, but this needs to go hand in hand with being visible, … demanding participation in radio and TV interviews, whenever there is a Coalition spokesperson being interviewed. We are very grateful for your hard work .

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