George Osborne is the real enemy of enterprise and growth in Britain today

When we urgently need a plan for jobs and growth to get the economy moving again and help hard-pressed families all David Cameron and George Osborne can offer is empty words but precious little action.

All we’ve heard from this Conference is the reheated rhetoric and warmed up policies of 30 years ago – a VAT rise, deep spending cuts, knee-jerk deregulation and enterprise zones which didn’t work when they were tried in the 1980s.

If David Cameron wants to know who is the real enemy of enterprise and growth in Britain today he only needs to look next door at his own Chancellor. It is George Osborne’s reckless plan to cut too deep and too fast, which has seen the economy go into reverse.

David Cameron and George Osborne appear to be in denial that in the real world families and businesses are facing the squeeze, petrol prices are at a record high, unemployment is going up again and the recovery has stalled. And they don’t seem to understand that without strong growth and more jobs we can’t get the deficit down.

This weekend the Conservatives should have heeded Labour’s call to repeat last year’s £3.5 billion bank bonus tax and use the money raised to support the jobs and growth Britain badly needs this year. And instead of platitudes they should have announced real help for hard-pressed families by immediately reversing the Tory VAT rise on fuel, which has added £1.35 to the cost of filling up a 50 litre tank.

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Posted March 6th, 2011 by Ed

5 Responses to “George Osborne is the real enemy of enterprise and growth in Britain today”

  1. Savage says:

    Well said Ed; I’m in the process of setting up my own business and beyond the endless waffle and half baked rhetoric can see precisely no tangible ideas that will help me, not that I would expect any from the Tories, but it would be nice if for once they actually delivered on something that is crucial to set the country up for a sustained recovery.

    By the way, if you need any digital marketing action; I’m now open for business.

  2. Mary Nash says:

    It is really scary that George Osborne is too proud to listen, persisting in trying to brainwash us that the Labour Party caused the Global recession and that there is no alternative but to insist in carrying out the unreasonable cruel cuts , that will result in devastating our first class public services (highest satisfaction rate ever in our NHS , crime rate down by 45% etc etc) the Labour Party had proudly invested in during the past 13 yrs. Osborne keeps talking about growth but sadly, words alone will not create jobs. Sadly, it seems he will not reverse the Tory VAT rise on fuel but instead may postpone the 1p fuel levy in April. But will this be enough to help hard pressed families.

  3. christopher green says:

    growth is unlikly, with these cuts being that deep, there almost amputations. A question I would like mr osborne to answer is.
    In the inevitable event that in the near future the bank of england will raise intrest rates, the banks portfollios will increase dramaticly overnight
    what measures will he take to stop greedy bankers (thats with a B not a W) taking advantage of hard pressed familys strugeling to meet the extra cost of increased mortgage repayments brought about by this action? and pay themselves huge bonous’s on extra profits and growth that they can claim no credit for, or will he say as is usual we are powerless or if we do to much they will leave. well I say good ridence to bad rubish

  4. christopher green says:

    when david cameron says he wants to end red tape and interfiriance to help small bussiness grow and develope and new firms emerge does that mean the end of the minimum wage?????????

  5. christopher green says:

    with the scraping of our carriers and decom of the harrier jets just how dose mr cameron think a no fly zone can be accomplished over libiea??????????????

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