‘Britain’s Lost Talent’ – Ed’s article in tomorrow’s News of the World

Millions of us watched some exceptionally talented young people on the TV in last night’s final of Britain’s Got Talent. They’ve worked hard – but they also got the chance to shine.

But with one in five young people now looking for work – that’s almost one million – ‘Britain’s Lost Talent’ looks a better label for where our country could be headed.

Already there are thousands of young people who aren’t getting a chance and whose own talents are going to waste as they languish on the dole with no prospect of a job in sight.

Putting young people on the dole is not just a waste of talent but a waste of money too. And failing to get Britain back to work fast enough is helping to push up the benefits bill by over £12 billion – that’s £500 per household.

That’s why this week the shadow work secretary Liam Byrne and I will launch a new campaign for a £2 billion tax on bankers’ bonuses which should be used to create 100,000 more jobs for young people, build more affordable homes and support small businesses.

Our plan will be put to a vote in Parliament – and we’re asking MPs from other parties to back it.

Of course the worldwide recession – caused by the irresponsible actions of the banks – meant youth unemployment rose sharply. But a year ago, thanks to Labour’s youth jobs programme, it was starting to fall steadily.

Yet one of the first things George Osborne did last year was to scrap our youth jobs guarantee. And so there are now more young people looking for work than when Labour left office – and 31,000 more young unemployed than last summer.

There was a welcome dip in the figures last month, but will that fall continue into the autumn? I’m worried about the thousands of young people who will leave school or college this summer without a job or apprenticeship to go to.

We need to act now to stop another lost generation of young people – like in the 1980s when youth unemployment rose for four years after the recession was over.

That’s why we need another fair tax on bank bonuses to get people off the dole and into work. It’s the best way to get the deficit down – and stop Britain’s talent going to waste.

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Posted June 4th, 2011 by Ed's team

5 Responses to “‘Britain’s Lost Talent’ – Ed’s article in tomorrow’s News of the World”

  1. You can always rely on Ed Balls for a quick gimmick or sound bite can’t you. Well done Ed – what an amusing little fellow you are.

  2. Being forced into a job by the government – what a wonderful goal for a young person to aspire towards.

  3. The Facts about job creation says:

    Perhaps Ed Balls might want to acquaint himself with the facts about jobs in Britain by reading this press release from his fellow Labour MP, Frank Field.


    All private sector jobs created under Labour have gone to foreign workers
    “British jobs for foreign workers”

    New figures published today show just how few new jobs in Britain have gone to British born workers. Looking at people of working age, all jobs created in the private sector under the Labour Government have been filled by foreign born workers. The number of UK born workers in the private sector actually fell by nearly 90,000 between the first quarter of 1997 and the first quarter of 2009. A third of new public sector jobs also went to non-UK born workers.

    In respect of the total working population over the age of 16, the picture is slightly different – because a significant number of UK born people have stayed on after the official retirement age. These figures show that 1.1 million new jobs have been created in the public sector of which 28% went to non-UK born workers. In the private sector there were 1.8 million new jobs – but 85% went to non-UK born workers.

    Commenting on the figures, the co-Chairmen of the Cross-Party Group on Balanced Migration, Frank Field MP and Nicholas Soames MP, said:
    “These figures tell a simple story: in the private sector it has been British jobs for foreign workers. The private sector should now match the public sector in ensuring local people have the first chance at gaining local jobs”.

    * The Rt Hon Frank Field MP and The Hon Nicholas Soames MP are Co-Chairmen of the Cross Party Group on Balanced Migration. The Group’s Vice-Chairmen are Lord (Bill) Jordan CBE (former President of the Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union)

  4. blackwillow1 says:

    The young of today are the older and wiser people of tomorrow, the way they see the world being affected by the example set by those who went before. In the wasteland of the nineteen-eighties, my thinking was affected by the cruel and compassionless onslaught lead by Thatcher and co, confirming what I already knew, that socialism was the only political system that gave a damn about the average person. The mentality of the right says that we can all be part of the elite, if we’re willing to stab each other in the back as we climb the greasy pole to success and riches. The coalition government we did not vote for and nobody wants are continuing the work that Mad Maggie started, although, thanks to the hybrid mentality of the coalition, they are taking it to a new level, the rabid tories telling us it’s the only way, the libdem saps telling us they do’nt really agree with what they’re doing but, you know, we are in power so, realistically, we have to go along with it and hope we can soften the blow. PATHETIC! If this shambles of a non-government is allowed to continue wreaking havoc until 2015, the young of today are very likely to take a more extreme approach to the way they deal with life. We need to focus all efforts and resources on getting the coalition out of office ASAP, 2015 will be too late for so many, those who are likely to fall by the wayside, the disabled bereft of vital support, the uneducated abandoned to a life of low pay, crime being a viable option, the working poor trapped in a vicious circle. The time to fight back is now, for all our sakes.

  5. Vanessa says:

    Once again Ed speaks the truth , great article.

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