Tomorrow is Polling Day

Polling day for the local elections is fast approaching, and I wanted to remind you why it’s really important that you go out and vote Labour tomorrow.

Voting Labour is the only way to send a clear message to the Tory-led government. We will not stand by and watch them destroy our public services, squeeze hard-working families, let down our elderly and dash the hopes and aspirations of our young people by making it harder for them to access further and higher education.

  • With the cost of gas and electricity rising, what did George Osborne do? He cut the Winter Fuel Allowance for pensioners across Morley and Outwood
  • When more children than ever in our area are trying to work hard to get a good education and a good job, what has Osborne done? He removed our childrens’ Education Maintenance Allowance, and increased tuition fees to a massive £9,000 per year, making education a choice based on affordability. And with a million young people – that’s one in five – now unemployed there are fewer jobs available too
  • When families are stretched, due to pay-freezes and soaring prices, what has Osborne done? He has raised VAT, slashed Tax Credits, allowed public transport fares to soar and is taking child benefit away from thousands of hardworking families

Not voting, or backing a minor party will not be an effective voice against these cuts which go too far and too fast and will give the government a free ride to continue their deep and damaging cuts to police jobs, the NHS and other vital services.

There is an alternative. Vote Labour for a strong voice for our area. Your Labour team will always stand up for our community, for our public services and for you.

Use your vote to send a message to the government. Vote Labour this Thursday May 5th.

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Posted May 4th, 2011 by Ed's team