Wakefield Express Column

Anyone who drives will know that sinking feeling when they see the fuel light on the dashboard flick on. I saw this myself last week – filling up our Ford Mondeo estate cost over £70 – all lot more than it did before Christmas.

Across our area people have been telling me how much more they have been paying at the petrol pump. Rocketing world oil prices stemming from instability and change in the Middle East is just one ofthe reasons why petrol prices across the country are on the rise.

Unfortunately, this has also come at a time when the government have decided to hike up VAT to 20 per cent, meaning that we pay 3.5p extra for every litre that we use. This is now hurting our families, our local businesses and the fragile economic recovery.

We, as motorists, need a fairer deal. Like myself, many of you use our brilliant transport links to travel to work, pickup the kids from school and do the weekly shop. On the doorstep, people have been telling me for the past few months about having to pay more to get on with their daily lives.

Most of the letters I receive and the majority of the people that I talk to are worrying about their jobs and about their pay being frozen – while the cost of living continues to increase. Hard working families, along with pensioners and young people on low incomes, are feeling the impact of rising inflation and lower wages which is making itthat bit more difficult to make the sums add up at the end of each month.

Paying for our everyday needs is hard enough at the moment and the increase in the cost of fuel does not help. That’s why in Westminster this week I’ve been calling on the government to reverse the VAT rise on petrol using the extra money the government is getting this year from the bank levy – to try and make things a bit easier for families in our district and across the country.

At a time when people on low and middle incomes are already facing a tough year of rising taxes and job cuts, therising cost of petrol is really starting to hurt. We need to make sure that the amount that we pay for our petrol does not add to that sinking feeling when the fuel light flicks on.

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Posted March 4th, 2011 by Ed's team