Robin Hood Coffee Session

Last week I hosted one of my regular coffee sessions at Robin Hood Primary School on Friday evening focusing on local policing issues. Coffee sessions are a fantastic way to hear what local residents have to say and deal with any issues or concerns they may have.

The turnout on Friday was really good and it was great to see that so many people care so passionately about policing and keeping our area safe. It was really interesting to hear what people had to say about policing and the challenges the force is facing: like elected police chiefs, the weakening of CRB checks and, of course, massive funding cuts about to hit our area.

One thing which struck me was the way people talk about Community Policing and PCSOs. Eight years ago, when we introduced PCSOs there was a lot of criticism. In the early days you would hear some people say PCSOs weren’t as good as ‘proper’ police officers and that they would be useless.

Now it’s a different story. Most people are clear their PCSOs are part of the community. Because each PCSO team covers a specific area, they get to know the area and the trouble hotspots, and they attend meetings to hear local concerns.

One thing that was clear was that people agreed that cuts to policing, alongside rising unemployment, rise in living costs and less funding for young people where that these were the wrong cuts at the wrong time.

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Posted February 24th, 2011 by Ed's team