Visiting Stanley Children’s Centre

When you go into Stanley Children’s Centre – as I did this morning – you realise just how important children’s centres are to our community.

While the kids play, make friends, and learn in a safe environment, parents can chat to each other, have a break, and share tips.

This morning there was a health visitor on hand too, to offer support and advice to the parents right there in the centre, and I chatted to her after getting involved in the messy play with the children.

When we see┬áLabour’s investment working like this – supporting parents, giving children great opportunities, bringing communities together – you just can’t believe that the Conservatives want to take that away from places like Stanley.

You can join the campaign to Save our Sure Start at this link.

And if you want to keep our local Sure Start centres open like I do, please come out and support Labour at the ballot box on Thursday 6th May.

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Posted April 16th, 2010 by Ed