Morley Train Station to get CCTV

There is good news today for people that use Morley train station. After a long campaign, Network Rail have now agreed to install CCTV cameras at the station.

This will be a real relief for local commuters – especially those who park their cars at the station, as some parked cars have been broken into in the past.

Getting CCTV put in at the station was something that came up in the coffee sessions on crime and safety that I held around Morley a few months ago. I am delighted that the local station will now be safer as a result of these measures.

In the discussions I had with residents from accross the area, people thought CCTV was a good way of making the public feel safer, detering criminals, and also helping to bring perpetrators to justice.

The evidence is that CCTV is crucial in the fight against crime. Unfortunately the Conservatives oppose CCTV, so under their policies local residents – and their cars – would continue to be at risk at Morley station. They’re just not listening to the priorities of people round here.

The Conservatives also oppose the DNA database, which police say is essential to helping them track down and prosecute violent criminals.

But I will keep listening to the concerns of local people and police officers, looking at the evidence about the best ways to keep us safe, and supporting action to reduce and prevent crime.

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Posted March 15th, 2010 by Ed