On the beat with Morley police

Keeping our streets as safe as they can be has to be one of our top priorities. And I always think there’s no substitute for getting out there and seeing problems and solutions in action for yourself, in order to really understand the challenges our local police and communities face.

So I was grateful that Inspector Essell and the neighbourhood policing team in Tingley agreed to let me join them on the beat on Friday night.

I was immediately impressed by their hard work, and how responsive they have been to concerns raised by residents.

I held a series of local meetings about policing and safety last year, and residents told me they were worried about anti-social behaviour, and young people having nothing to do but hang around the streets on the evenings and weekends.
To tackle these concerns, the police have brought in a dispersal order in Tingley. On Friday night people in the area were telling me that the dispersal order, combined with the additional activities that are being put on for young people to go to, is having a very positive effect. They said they felt much safer, and had noticed an increased police presence around the ‘hot spots’ that seemed to be reducing the problems.
I was also impressed with how cooperative residents have been with the police. It has helped to create a community feel, where neighbours are watching each others backs, and have a police officer they know well enough to turn to when problems arise.
If you have any issues you would like to raise with the your local neighbourhood policing team, you can contact them on 0113 238 2035, or call my office on 0113 253 9466.

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Posted February 20th, 2010 by Ed