New facilities at East Ardsley Recreation Ground

On Tuesday I went along with local Councillor Karen Renshaw, to visit the new ball wall and youth shelter on East Ardsley Recreation Ground.

It was a pleasure to meet the young people that helped design the site, as well as others that now use it.

The new facilities have been funded – to the tune of around £10,500 – from Banks Opencasting.

We know that when you’ve got money to spend on facilities for young people, it works best if you talk to them first about what they want. That’s exactly what Karen did – working alongside Leeds Youth Services – and it has really paid off.

They chose a ball wall to practise football against, and a shelter to keep them out of the wet and cold. If the equipment is well used and looked after there is a plan to add other facilities over the coming months.

The young people I met were very enthusiastic about the new facilities. They use the space a lot, and they are keen to take care of it – they’ve asked us to look into getting a litter bin so that they can keep the rubbish off the ground.

It was good to see local young people taking pride in the area they’d helped to design, and feeling safe and confident about playing there.

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Posted July 30th, 2009 by Ed