Politicians definitely getting younger

Being quizzed by the Rooks Nest School Council

Politicians are definitely getting younger. And the elected members of Rooks Nest school council in Outwood could rival journalists when it comes to direct questioning. During my visit the questions came thick and fast. What do I do to protect the environment? Do I get nervous before I go on the telly? Am I married? But it was young Nicholas who really stumped me; how I do my hair so I can copy your style? I can safely say, I’ve never been asked that before.

Elections to the school council now take place in most primary schools. And what a great way to learn about democracy by actually doing it yourself. Some school council’s have their own budgets to spend, some have regular meetings with the headteacher or school governors. But regardless of their specific role, they’re all a great form of democracy and show that you’re never too young to get stuck in.

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Posted October 28th, 2011 by Ed

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