New ‘Facebook’-style communication system improving Morley schools

'Facebook'-style communications system's being championned at Morley Newlands

'Facebook'-style communications system's being championned at Morley Newlands Primary

As  most parents know the traditional communication method of a note in a child’s schoolbag can often be a bit unreliable. More often than not notes get lost somewhere between the classroom and the school gate. I’ve been down at Morley Newlands today to see the new communication system they’ve developed with Scholabo, a great new company. Using social networking technology they’ve put together a really useful resource to enable parents to keep in touch with their children’s progress at school and staff to contact parents if they have concerns. It’s great to see local schools championing new technologies like these. I’ll be back to see how they’re getting along.

Small businesses like Scholabo are making a real difference in schools like Morley Newlands. But like all new businesses, they need support to grow. It’s a shame our Regional Development Agency Yorkshire Forward is no longer around to support businesses like these.

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Posted January 5th, 2012 by Ed