Why I’ll be voting ‘no’ for local elected Mayor

I have consistently been deeply unconvinced that an elected Mayor would be good for my constituents. I will be voting ‘no’ in the referendum which the Conservative-led coalition Government has imposed on our area.

An elected Mayor does make sense in large conurbations like London, but I do not believe one elected person is the best way to represent all the different towns and villages which make up both the Wakefield and Leeds districts that I represent.

At a time when resources are tight and budgets stretched, it’s a total waste of energy and money to be creating new layers of administration.

Having an elected Mayor has not worked well in Doncaster and Hartlepool and I fear it won’t work and bring benefits for local people round here. Indeed, it is likely to cause confusion about who is responsible for what.

However, just as the Labour and Conservative leaderships locally have said, if people vote for an elected mayor in the referendum, I will, of course, respect that view and work constructively with the new system.

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Posted April 23rd, 2012 by Ed