2012 time capsule buried at Stanley St Peters

Burying their 2012 Stanley St Peters with headteacher Mr Wilson and Chair of Governors, Karen Sykes

Under the garden by the pond at Stanley St Peters is a time capsule. In 20 years or so someone will dig it up to find out what the children of 2012 thought of the big events of the day. Last week the pupils of Stanley St Peters spent time considering what children in the future might think of what’s going on in 2012.

I joined them last Friday to add my own contribution. As well as a limited edition Diamond Jubilee Plate, I added a copy of my London Marathon number and a letter to the children of the future to their time capsule.

2012 is a great year to be burying a time capsule. Queen is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee, the Olympic Games are coming to London in the summer and in the next few weeks the Olympic flame will be travelling all around our area on its way there.

Whenever it gets dug up again, I’d really like to know what the children of the future think about what we’ve buried. Who knows, one of the children here today might be the Headteacher of Stanley St Peters when it gets dug up. One of them may be the Member of Parliament for this area who comes along to help too.

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Posted April 24th, 2012 by Ed