My column in the Morley Observer & Advertiser

Congratulations to all the Councillors; Labour and Independent who were elected across our area last week. Over in Ardsley and Robin Hood, Labour’s Karen Renshaw was re-elected to serve as a councillor by a big margin. I’ve known Karen for many years and know that her strong connections in the local community make her a great local councillor.

Here in Morley there is no doubt that Cllrs Judith Elliot and Robert Finnigan have worked hard over last 8 years and served town well. You don’t get far in the town without hearing about Judith’s local work and community campaigns and I’ve worked with both her and Robert on many local campaigns in recent years.

Kathryn Rose and Margaret Foster fought a great campaign and raised some really important issues. However, despite campaigning really hard they were unsuccessful. Thank you to all those who worked so hard locally on the campaign. I’ll continue to work with all our Councillors to try to get the best deal for Morley.

Out on Morley doorsteps last week people were keen to give me their take on the issues of the day. A woman who lives near to Morley Newlands was cross about changes to her tax credits. “Why”, she told me on Thursday afternoon, “are families like mine getting less while people earning millions get more? It’s not right.” I could only agree with her. A couple who live around Bridge Street were really pleased we are campaigning to get a local breast screening service returned to Morley. I am meeting local health representatives later this week and hope to have some positive news on the campaign soon.

Here in Morley we have many institutions and some great traditions. In the local Labour rooms on Commercial Street we have many of our own. On polling day for example, the local Labour team works really hard. From dawn, until dusk, when the polls close, we rush about knocking on doors and phoning people to check whether they’ve been out to vote.

But once the work is done, no matter how tired everyone is, we all sit down for tea together in the Labour rooms. We chat about the people we’ve met that day and the stories we’ve heard and look forward to the result, whatever it might be. Last Thursday night was no exception. As darkness fell on Thursday and the last votes were cast, the Labour team were treated to a fantastic, home-cooked shepherd’s pie with Yorkshire puddings. Just what you need after a long day.

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Posted May 9th, 2012 by Ed