Leeds Children’s Heart Surgery Unit to close

It’s devastating news that after all our campaigning the Joint Committee of Primary Care Trusts have decided to close the Leeds Children’s Heart Surgery Unit. The review of provision for children has consistently failed to listen to local people who, in their thousands, backed our campaign for the unit to remain in Leeds. Families across our area who are already caring for sick children now face long and tiring journeys to Newcastle or Liverpool on top of everything else.

All along we were worried that the needs of patients wouldn’t be the primary concern. Now, two years on and after spending more than £1.6 million, we now have an illogical solution that will cause unnecessary pain and suffering to local families. The strong evidence demonstrating the numbers of patients who would be affected by moving the unit from Leeds should have come first.

I’ve written again to the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley to restate the strong local case and to seek reassurances from him that if the new arrangements prove to be too disadvantageous for local families that the decision can be reviewed.

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Posted July 5th, 2012 by Ed