My day with local Mencap campaigner, Susan Hanley

Susan Hanley in Ed's office

Susan Hanley in Ed's office

Morley is full of great people, but Susan Hanley has got to be one of our nicest residents. She’s an active campaigner for Mencap and people with a learning disability, but she’s also really interested in politics and wanted to find out about what it’s like being an MP. So I was delighted to have Susan shadow me so she could find out what a day as the MP for Morley and Outwood is like.

 We had my usual hectic day of appointments and meetings. From Knowle Manor care home for the elderly in Morley to a meeting with NHS chiefs in Wakefield. We then went to a packed public meeting to talk about proposed changes to local policing. Susan has done some of her own work on policing. She wants to make sure whoever is elected as the Police and Crime Commissioner for our area protects people with disabilities, including a learning disability. She shared her views with everyone there, just as an MP would.

Ed doubles up as umbrella for Susan

Doubling up as an umbrella for Susan

Susan took everything in her stride. In fact, she was so relaxed about my day I’m a bit worried she might want my job. Come what may it was a great to spend the day with her. We’re writing to the head of Mencap now too to see if we can encourage other MPs to involve people with a learning disability more in their work.

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Posted July 10th, 2012 by Ed