Leeds leads the way in brain tumour research

Brain Tumour Research Lab Leeds with Susie and Wendy Maynard Light
Brain Tumour Research Lab Leeds with Susie and Wendy Maynard Light

On Friday I joined constituents Susie Light and her mum Wendy Maynard-Light as well as campaigners from Brain Tumour Research and Support across Yorkshire (BTRS formerly the charity Andrea’s Gift) on a tour of a state of the art research laboratory at the Leeds Institute for Molecular Medicine. I’d met local campaigners as part of their national lobby of Parliament a few weeks back and they were keen that I see the Leeds research centre for myself. And it’s a really impressive place. Around 5,000 people a year are diagnosed with a primary brain tumour each year and around 700 of them are from Yorkshire and receive treatment through the Leeds Teaching Hospitals. Brain tumours kill more of our children than any other cancer so getting good treatment close to home is vital. Susie and her mum told me how relieved they were to be told that they would be treated in Leeds rather than having to travel further afield.

 What became clear from meeting with Susie and her mum is how life changing the disease is. Even after treatment, the slightest thing, like a bump on the head can have devastating effects. I want to do more to ensure there is a national centre of excellence for research in this area and will be working closely with BTRS as well as professionals from the research lab and constituents who are directly affected to see what more can be done to treat such a devastating disease.

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Posted July 19th, 2012 by Ed