£30m spent on reorganisation while nurses clean wards at Mid Yorks NHS Trust

Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust is spending £30m of NHS money reorganising our health services. At the same time, it turns out cost saving measures mean that nurses in the trust are cleaning wards because cleaners are not available. What a waste.

In recent months I’ve asked thousands of local people for their views on changes to the health service. People’s overwhelming view was that spending £30 million of taxpayers money on reorganisation of the NHS is completely the wrong priority. What people have told me is that they want shorter waiting times and cleaner hospitals.

Our cash-strapped NHS trust here in Wakefield is now having to waste money on reorganisation while cutting corners on cleaning. And in the end it’s patients who suffer. I’ll continue to press both the Trust and the Government to ensure patients here in Wakefield get the NHS service they want and deserve.

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Posted July 31st, 2012 by Ed