Drighlington School Council put on a fabulous tour

At Drighlington Primary: fabulous tour from year 6 School Council members

I must have been to well over 300  schools over the years but I’ve never seen anything like the electronic sign-in system that greeted me as I arrived at Drighlington Primary. Most school visits start with a tour from the Headteacher. But Mrs Jackson at Drighlington Primary stood aside so that the School Council could lead me on my tour of the school.  After being given my own personlised photo-id badge I was greeted by Declan, Jason, Imogen, Kaitlyn  from the School Council to do my tour of the school. 

They’ve only just taken on the job of taking visitors around the school but did a fantastic job. They took me right through the school nursery to year 6.  All the children were extreemly police, well behaved and clearly enjoyed learning in their school. I had great fun in the sandpit in nursery and cheered on a PE lesson too.  Up in Key Stage 2 there was a real treat when I arrived for their discussion of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, one of my favourite books as a child.  

After my tour I met with headteacher, Mrs Jackson and school governors to hear about the improvements the school is making and their plans for the future. I also heard how popular the school house system is. The School Council are clearly a really important part of Drighlington and I’m looking forward to going back for a proper debate with them in a couple of months time.   

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Posted September 24th, 2012 by Ed