Morley Fire Station: public safety is my main concern

West Yorkshire Fire Service are currently consulting locally on their plans to cut costs as their budget has been slashed once again and this squeeze is likely to continue for years to come.

Their plans will impact on our local area and could have far reaching consequences for residents and businesses – public safety is my main concern.

Before making a formal submission to the consultation process I have asked the Chief Fire Officer to respond to me on a number of key issues.  Why for example is the West Yorkshire Fire Service taking a higher share of the cuts compared to North Yorkshire, an area that has fewer fires whose budget is actually increasing?  I am also asking for further information on some of the statistics used to drive the proposals being made. You can read my letter in full here

One specific proposal is to merge Morley and Hunslet fire stations and build a new one with one less fire engine.
You can read the full consultation document here.

I will be making a formal submission to the consultation and want to make sure that I can include local views. Please email me with your views before 29th November.

You can also make your own sumission by email to, closing date 30 November 2012.

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Posted November 19th, 2012 by Ed