The rising cost of living: consultation

One of the biggest issues in my post bag of late has been the rising cost of fuel. Whether it’s petrol prices at the pumps or domestic prices for gas and electricity, families and pensioners are really feeling the pinch. 

I want to know what people in my constituency think about the rising cost of living. I’ve launched a local consultation to find out more about the choices families and pensioners are having to make in these tough times. I’m hearing some worrying stories about the choices families are facing when relatives have lost their jobs or when their tax credits have been cut. But want to know more about how widespread problems are.  Are people doing things differently in order to make ends meet and which essentials are people cutting back on? With Christmas round the corning are people spending less, saving up over the year or borrowing?

Down in Westminster I’ve called on the Government to think again on the planned 3p rise in fuel duty, that’s due to come into force in January, at least until next April.  This would make a small but real difference for families and pensioners who are struggling to run their car. The change could be paid for by clamping down on tax avoidance, including some employment agencies who force staff to become employees of an umbrella company to avoid paying tax and national insurance. I hope I can make the Government think again.

Of course difficult decisions are needed to get the deficit down. But it can’t be right for the Government to be able to find money for a tax cut for millionaires when thousands of families and pensioners in my constituency are struggling and having to do without some basic essentials.

Please get in touch with your views on the rising cost of living so I can make sure the Government is being held to account for their decisions. You can complete my online survey here or email me directly at

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Posted November 22nd, 2012 by Ed