Speed awareness

Many thanks to everyone who has backed our campaign to get 20mph speed limits on busy roads around our local schools and residential areas in Morley. So far we have had over a hundred local residents sign our petition. Councillor Neil Dawson and the local team will be out collecting more signatures this weekend. And we have had good coverage in the Morley Obsever and the Yorkshire Evening Post.

This week I saw again, first hand, how important reducing speed is to saving children’s lives. Not, this time, by talking to local parents and teachers, but instead in the conference room at the Garforth Holiday Inn.

Like many local people, I was caught out by the never-ending roadworks on the M62. Pulling on to the motorway at Morley I realised too late that the speed restrictions were still in place. I was caught and bang to rights – doing 58* in a 50 mile restriction zone. Going too far, too fast, you might say.

I paid my fine and chose to attend a speed awareness course. I currently have no points on my licence and would like to keep it that way. Which is why, this week, I ended up in the Holiday Inn with 39 others.

The course was very professional and actually really worthwhile. What hit home were the statistics which link speed to car deaths. At 20 mph, less than 10 per cent of people will lose their lives if hit by a car. But the probability rises exponentially, going above 40 per cent at 40mph.

Our course instructors explained that casualty rates have fallen over the past decade, as drivers have become more aware and car design has improved. The worrying thing is that this trend has started to reverse in recent years.

That is why our local campaigning for 20 mph zones is so important. You can give your support to the petition by emailing me at ed@edballs.com . Please paste this subject into your email: ‘I back more 20mph speeds limit for Morley’ – and make sure you include your address and postcode.

* This blog originally stated that the speed was 56mph. Following a query, we have checked the original documentation and made this correction.

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Posted April 5th, 2013 by Ed