Update on Morley Fire Station (joint letter to the Morley Observer)

Below is a joint letter from local Cllrs and myself to the Morley Observer regarding Morley Fire Station:

We’re writing to update readers on our campaign on local fire safety. In recent months we’ve met regularly with the Fire Chief as well as the Chair of the local Fire Authority and local fire fighters to ensure the public safety of local people is protected.

 Before Christmas we heard the welcome news that Morley Fire Station wouldn’t close or move from its current location. Concern then arose that proposed changes to staffing arrangements would mean Morley Fire Station was only staffed during the day with on-call arrangements overnight from local fire fighters and other stations.

In meetings and lengthy written correspondence we’ve urged the Fire Service to re-consider this shift to day-crewing and sought assurances that staffing changes won’t have an impact on public safety. We’ve requested specific response times for different areas at different times. We’ve raised concerns about changes being made across a number of stations simultaneously. We’ve asked about the number of incidents and the pressures of residential, business and transport networks all in close proximity.

 The Chief Fire Officer has assured us each time that public safety will not be put at risk and that even, after the changes, response times will still fall well within national guidelines.

 Despite our representations, the Fire Service say they have no choice but to go ahead with their changes. But there isn’t yet a clear timescale from the Fire Service about when the changes will be implemented. We have urged fire leaders to see if they can take more time and consult further so they can gather more evidence and reassure our communities. Whatever the timing, we will continue to press the fire service to ensure the public are not put at risk because of any changes to fire services locally.

 Yours sincerely

 Ed Balls MP

Cllr Neil Dawson

Cllr Robert Finnigan

Cllr Lisa Mulherin

Cllr Karen Renshaw

Cllr Shirley Varley

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Posted July 29th, 2013 by Ed