SAVE OUR NHS! Government must change their minds on local NHS funding formula

Time is running out and the Government must change their minds on the changes that will cause huge damage to NHS services for patients in our area and across West Yorkshire. While patients in our area will see budgets cut, those in more affluent areas where people already have a higher life expectancy will see budgets actually rise.

In Leeds budgets could be reduced by £93 million. Wakefield loses £43 million or 10.6% of the budget.

Overall West Yorkshire would lose 8.4% of the budget or £210 million

However more affluent areas would gain. The Prime Minister’s constituency in Oxfordshire will get a 5.8% increase

The NHS has to be fair and penalising those with poor health and lower life expectancy in favour of those in affluent areas with higher life expectancy is wrong.

As part of our Save our NHS campaign, Labour MPs in Yorkshire have this week written to the Secretary of State to urge him to change his mind and protect health funding for our area. You can read our letter here.

The Government and NHS England have to change their mind. It’s outrageous that health budgets are being played with in this way and that people in our area will be penalised.

NHS England will meet next Tuesday (17th December) to finalise budget changes.

Please email to register your support for our campaign.

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Posted December 13th, 2013 by Ed