Our NHS – have services improved?

Last year I wrote to local people to ask them what they thought David Cameron’s  £3 billion NHS reorganisation. The Government said it would encourage competition and lead to better services for patients. But a year after the re-organisation was implemented I’m hearing some worrying stories.

70% of contracts awarded since the reorganisation was implemented a year ago have gone to private companies. These companies are now doing everything from diagnostic tests to hospital care. The Government has no control over these companies and they can simply walk away if things go wrong, as we saw with the PIP breast implant scandal which resulted in the problems caused being dumped back on the NHS.

It would seem that our precious National Health Service is being privatised through the back door. And it is patients who will pay the price with uncertainty, increased waits, delayed referrals or cancelled operations.

NHS leaders and managers still aren’t convinced either. A major survey of 150 NHS leaders showed that just 42% are optimistic about the ability of the NHS to deliver high quality, cost-effective care over the next five to 10 years and fewer than 30% say the reforms have had a positive impact on their ability to deliver efficiency savings.

Research from the House of Commons Library shows that attendance at hospital A&Es has been increasing more than three times faster under the Tory-led Government than it did under Labour.

Since the Tories took over running the NHS there has been a surge in the use of emergency locum doctors costing 83m per year – up 60% since 2009.

I’m following up my 2013 survey by asking my constituents about their most recent NHS experiences. You can click here to tell me what you think.

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Posted January 30th, 2014 by Ed