Visit to Andrea’s Hairoom in Morley

I must have passed the pink doors of Andrea’s Hairoom thousands of times over the last few years. And on Tuesday I got the chance to see what goes on inside. It was not what I was expecting.

Andrea helps people who are suffering from a range of illnesses that involve hair loss.  Andrea became an apprentice hair specialist when she left school and was inspired to set up her own business by her niece who lost her hair aged just four.

I met Andrea in her consultation room with dozens of model heads with amazing wigs in a whole range of styles and colours. Many of her happy customers were there too and I heard stories from some them about the events that had to lead them coming to Andrea for help.

One women recalled how her wig had never fitted properly (she lost it on a man’s umbrella once!) and had been uncomfortable to wear but that thanks to Andrea she was now more confident and able to lead a more active life. Another woman explained how Andrea’s advice had helped her gain the confidence to begin dating again.

It’s incredible how something such as hair can have such a big impact on someone’s life – but as Andrea says, for many people, it’s such a visible thing and after their health, it’s the thing people seem to care most about.
Thank goodness Andrea is there and providing such an amazing service to women across our area. Anyone who wants to find out more should get in touch with her.

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Posted February 22nd, 2014 by Ed