Backing our fabulous Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb

The small triangle between Leeds and Wakefield is the rhubarb capital of Europe. And many of the 12 remaining growers are in my constituency. So on Friday I called in at Lawns Lane Farm in Carr Gate to pull and pack some of their fabulous rhubarb. It’s always a magical sensation when you step into the candle lit rhubarb sheds and we stepped carefully to avoid breaking any precious stems. With armfuls of rhubarb we then headed to the packing room to get it ready for the delivery lorry.  Overnight, our Yorkshire forced rhubarb was set to be delivered to London where it has pride of place at Covent Garden market.

The Wakefield Rhubarb Festival takes place in February each year and thanks to local growers, supported by the support of Wakefield Council thousands of people now flock to our area each year to see the magic for themselves. The festival really helps to keep Yorkshire forced rhubarb on the map and it’s always a pleasure to support it.

Rhubarb is going through a bit of a renaissance and Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb is highly sought after as a top quality product. For me, it’s never been out of fashion. It’s great in a traditional crumble but also works really well in savoury dishes like sausages or as a compote with pork. According to Simon, we’re about half way through the forced rhubarb season and so far it’s been going well. But we need to keep rhubarb in fashion and continue to support this great Yorkshire product. I’ll always do what I can to support a vital local industry.

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Posted February 27th, 2014 by Ed