Tragic and senseless death of Ann Maguire & the #ThankyouTeacher campaign

Everyone of us will have reacted with horror and sadness at the terrible news of Ann Maguire’s tragic and senseless death in our city of Leeds.

Children and their parents will have imagined the horror of being in that classroom. Our teachers and their families will have thought, there but for the grace of God.

And all of us, thinking of this much loved teacher sadly denied a much deserved retirement, will have remembered those great teachers who inspired us when we were at school.

You can tell a good teacher when you walk into a lesson – it is like a bolt of electricity going around the classroom.

So when I think of the #ThankyouTeacher campaign, I remember the head of English at my secondary school, Mr Charter, because of his passion for DH Lawrence – it was because of him and his command of his subject that I took A-level English.

There was also my politics and economics teacher, Peter Baker, who was very passionate about the subject, a really, really great teacher who always had time to talk and discuss ideas, and relate them back to the world. We ran the politics society together at school.

He taught me that if you want to understand politics, you’ve got to understand economics, and that you can make a difference by making good or bad critical decisions. He was always pushing me to ask more questions, to stay behind at class and he was generous with his time.

Great teachers perform “minor miracles” daily and I know that the foundation of school achievement is excellent teaching by excellent teachers.

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Posted April 30th, 2014 by Ed