The St Swithins seated indoor bowls challenge

The pensioners at the St Swithins sheltered housing scheme in Stanley Ferry are a sprightly bunch. I popped into their weekly coffee morning to catch up with residents and caught them on a wave of sporting success after a resounding victory (complete with trophy) in a seated indoor bowls competition against Newfield House in Normanton.

They take their bowling very seriously at St Swithins (as apparently do their recent opponents from Newfield House). We discussed match and team tactics, and of course the St Swithins victory, over a cup of tea and a biscuit. Discussions then moved onto improvements to local housing and the impact of changes to our NHS.

Pensioners use the health service more than most and many in their 70s remember life before the NHS – when treatment depended on your ability to pay, not how poorly you were. So, like me, they’re extremely concerned about the direction the NHS is going in with services being privatized by the back door.

The St Swithuns pensioners are certainly living life to its fullest. And with activities most days; from quizzes and the mysterious key draw to afternoon games and the weekly coffee morning, I was tempted to join them for an afternoon of bingo. As it is, I’ve at least got the next bowls match against Newfield House to look forward to. And I’m challenging Newfield’s MP, my wife Yvette, to come along too so we can cheer on our respective teams.

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Posted April 28th, 2014 by Ed