What an amazing back to school for Morley Newlands!

Wow! Welcome back to school everyone.

What an amazing back to school the pupils, staff and parents of Morley Newlands will be having. I caught up with headteacher Mr Stygall at the end of the holidays and had a wonderful preview of this fantastic new school. From the stunning new school hall and brilliant new nursery to the open and airy reception area and wonderful classrooms, it’s a beautiful building and I hope will be a great place for children to achieve great things.

Thanks to the hard work of staff, local campaigners and Leeds City Council who’ve funded it, what a wonderful new building you now have. I can’t wait to come back to see the school again – next time with less builders and more children!

Congratulations Morley Newlands! Here’s my latest you tube video after my tour with Mr Stygall.

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Posted September 1st, 2014 by Ed