My video backing Mencap “Hear my Voice” campaign with Susan Hanley

Our very own Susan Hanley joined me on Friday for a Mencap “Hear my Voice” event to protect the rights of people with learning disabilities across our area. In a packed Morley Town Hall, she led the questions to me from Mencap service users about how politics could make itself more accessible.

“Use simple words” one person suggested. “Take on the issues that matter to us, like the Bedroom Tax” said another. “Why isn’t it a hate crime to attack a person with a learning disability?” was another question.

I did my best to answer all the questions – Although I really don’t know why hate crimes on disabled people aren’t currently treated as a hate crime – they should be!

So I want to see the law changed so that hate crime against disabled people is treated like other hate crimes. And as I’ve written in this paper many times, I want to see the Government’s ghastly bedroom tax scrapped as soon as is humanly possible.‎

Anyone who’s ever met Susan will know what a champion she is for the rights of people with learning disabilities. She’s not party political but believes passionately in giving people a voice. So much so that for the last three years I’ve written to the Mayors of Morley, urging the Town Council to use her expertise to ensure the rights of people with learning disabilities are properly represented locally.

It’s another opportunity for Morley to show the country how things can be done for the good of the whole community. I really hope Susan can play a bigger role on the Town Council. She is a real asset for the town.

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Posted December 2nd, 2014 by Ed