My speech on the Tories’ double deceit on the NHS

As Andy has said, David Cameron broke the promises he made about the NHS at the last election.

And now he is again asking people to take him on trust about what he’s saying at this election.

David Cameron broke his promises on the NHS before.

And he’ll break his promises again.

And nobody is going to trust the Tories with the NHS.

And let’s be clear, there is a double deceit going on here.

First, the Tories want people to believe that they are not planning cuts to the NHS.

And their manifesto claims the spending cuts they are planning in the next Parliament will be on the same scale as in this Parliament.

But the truth is the Tories’ spending plans actually mean doubling the pace of cuts next year.

As the Office for Budget Responsibility has said, the government’s Budget plans mean a “sharp acceleration” in the pace of cuts to public services.

They mean deeper spending cuts in the next three years than in the last five.

And the international evidence shows that in all the OECD countries which have tried to cut spending on this scale, health spending fell – down by an average of one per cent of GDP.

This is the equivalent to a £7 billion cut to the NHS.

And other countries which have cut public spending to the levels the Tories are planning have greater charging in their health services.

It is simply dishonest for the Tories to claim they can achieve this scale of spending cuts – double the cuts next year – without putting our NHS at risk.

Second, David Cameron claims he can somehow give the NHS an extra £8 billion, though not until 2020.

But he cannot say where the money is coming from.

The Tories have not identified a single penny of additional money for the NHS.

As Ed Miliband said, you can’t fund the NHS on an IOU.

In the last ten days Tory Ministers have been asked 60 times where the money is coming from and 60 times they have been totally unable to answer.

And David Cameron failed to answer again yesterday.

Typically, he made it up – and tried to claim this money is in the government’s figures.

But last month’s Budget did not include any extra money for the NHS.

We all know David Cameron is a serial offender when it comes to claims at election time.

He broke his promises on the NHS, on VAT and on tax credits last time.

And he’ll break his promises again.

Because on top of their extreme spending plans to double the cuts next year, the Tories have made billions of pounds of unfunded commitments in this election including £10 billion of tax cuts and billions of pounds for rail fare freezes and paid time off for public servants to volunteer.

Desperate promises made in the middle of a desperate Tory election campaign.

And the Tories cannot say where any of the money is coming from for any of them.

And with the Tories these unfunded tax promises will come before the NHS in the queue.

There is no extra money for the NHS under the Tory plan and it is dishonest of David Cameron to claim there is.

The fact is the only party with a fully-funded plan to raise extra revenue for the NHS straight after the election is the Labour Party.

People trusted David Cameron’s claims about the NHS at the last election.

But people will not trust his claims at this election.

Because David Cameron broke his promises last time and given, half a chance, he’ll end up breaking his promises this time.

You can’t trust the Tories with our National Health Service.

And as Liz will now explain, another five years of the Tories would be disastrous for our NHS.


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Posted April 20th, 2015 by Ed