The campaigning continues – 20 days to go!

Our fabulous team at work in the office this week

We’ve had a great response all week on the doorsteps and phones across Morley & Outwood. Thank you to all the local activists who’ve been in to help or who are working on the doorsteps across the constituency.

We’ve also had team out supporting our key seats too. I was over in Pudsey to campaign for Jamie Hanley too.

Some people say that politicans are all the same. But as the General Election campaign progresses, it’s clear that our country faces some big choices about the future. After the General Election I want to take forward Labour’s plan. Here are three big choices that this General Election will decide:

  • Our precious NHS is going backwards under the Tories with waiting times soaring, staff under increasing pressure and creeping privatisation. Labour will invest in 20,000 more nurses, 8,000 more doctors, guaranteed GP appointments within 48 hours and cancer tests in one week – paid for by a mansion tax on properties over £2 million and a levy on tobacco companies.
  • The future for our young people looks bleak under the Tories; there are falling numbers of apprenticeships and the numbers on insecure contracts and low wages are rising. Labour will end exploitative zero-hours contracts, increase the minimum wage to £8 and guarantee apprenticeships for young people. And we will increase free childcare to 25 hours for working parents – paid for by raising the levy on the banks.
  • The Tories have failed on immigration with weaker controls on illegal immigration and done nothing to tackle undercutting of local workers’ wages and conditions. Labour will recruit 1,000 more border staff, stop agencies recruiting only from abroad, take action to stop dodgy employers exploiting migrant workers and reform European rules so people cannot claim benefits until they have lived here for two years.
Labour’s manifesto is fully costed and paid for – no additional borrowing is needed to fund any of our commitments. We will cut the deficit every year and do it fairly by reversing the tax cut given to those on incomes of over £150,000 and abolishing the privileged tax status for non-doms who are able to avoid paying their share of tax in this country.
In contrast, the Tories haven’t said how they will fund their own proposals. But we know that every Tory Government in living memory has increased VAT to make their sums add up and their risky and reckless plan would mean even deeper spending cuts in the next three years than we have seen in the last five.
Here in Morley and Outwood I’ve spent the last five years working tirelessly on behalf of local people and to show that Labour’s plan would make things better for people living in our area. There is a clear choice on May 7th between five more years of the Tories and Labour’s better plan.

20 days to go!

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Posted April 17th, 2015 by Ed

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