Guest blog by Paul Cotterill, leader of the Labour group on West Lancashire council

Ed and John with a voter in UpHollandEd Balls visited West Lancashire on Sunday 29th August to support the by-election campaigns of local candidates John Fillis (Up Holland ward) and Nicola Pryce-Roberts (Skelmersdale South ward). Ed called on residents, asking them to support Labour in the byelections on Thursday 2nd September, and discussing current political issues with them.

It was good of Ed to come over and support John’s and Nicola’s campaign efforts. His visit was particularly relevant as Ed has done very well in recent weeks setting out the economic illiteracy behind the Conservative-led government’s programme of cuts, as well as offering a staunch defence against specific ill-considered and wholly regressive cuts in education, and now in the NHS, where John works as nurse.

The Labour party in West Lancashire is offering a similar critique of the Conservative council’s cuts programme, undertaken with ideological gusto despite millions in reserves. The results of this poor judgement are not just reduced services to tax payers, but also job losses in the public and private sector at a time when a fragile economic recovery can least withstand them.

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Posted August 30th, 2010 by Paul Cotterill

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